18 Aralık 2016 Pazar

The Lonely Cat In A Crowd

It had been raining all day long. In the morning, it was raining heavily then it calmed down in the evening. I was outside after getting wet enough, I thought that it was time to get on a bus and go home. I put my earphones on and started dreaming about anything which comes to my mind first.

 Suddenly we stopped at the red light, a little kitty drew my attention. She was sitting there on a frozen floor and standing still like everything around her stopped, as if the whole world stopped for a while. She was looking at her opposite seriously, people are passing by her, but nothing changed. Neither anybody tended to pet her, nor she wanted this. It was when I started thinking about a story which I had read last year at college, a story about a cat and rain somewhere in Italy. It reminded me of loneliness, the cat and the rain perfectly suit up. This is also a cat under the rain. Is she lonely? Does she need any kind of affection from outside? No, no I don't think so. She is the one not accepting or demanding. She is lonely yet she is powerful. 

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