6 Aralık 2016 Salı

Ghost-like People


         You are here but only physically. You don't round your arms around me, I don't feel your presence here. I don't feel your affection, it does not warm my heart. It's like you are just a fume, if I blow up, you are going to disappear forever. Not only you, even those I trust and love. They all got the same, you're all ghost-like nowadays. But why? I can perfectly feel the long path between our hearts, the dim light in your mind and there is a curtain between you and I, so rough that I cannot easily pull it aside.
My heart is pondering, my mind is wondering. I'm between the lines, walking through as well as I can walk. I don't know what happens if I fall down. It's like walking on the back of a sharp knife hurting my feet but I have no other choice. I cannot live alone, but sometimes I cannot stand people, either. Nowadays, I choose loneliness. My soul wants it. Fed up with all people judging without knowing anything, fed up with people that I cannot see their minds clearly, fed up with those make me feel cold even in a warm day. Yes, you did.

Ps: -Don't let your heart get colder as ice.

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