14 Ocak 2015 Çarşamba


Sometimes, we meet with people and 
we know nothing about them 
because it's our first meeting. 
When we get to know each other, 
we start having opinions about these people. 
Ideas grow up after the moment we meet. 
What if I say that you start having opinions 
as soon as you notice a person. 

I mean, you don't need to meet with
 a person to have some ideas about him or her 
because our minds do that unconsciously. 
Let's think that: you wait for your turn at the dentist, 
everybody sits and looks at each other at the room,
you can see nervous or frigtened people. 
You can look at the blonde women 
sitting at the corner and knitting, 
you can think that 
she is somebody harum-scarum. 
The opinions start after you come in that room 
then how can we say that we're not prejudiced? 
Yes, we're all prejudiced as a human being 
but the important thing is to not let 
these prejudices judge people directly. 
We should fight with our brain when it's wrong. 
We all do prejudge subconsciously 
but it's in our hands 
whether let the opinions hold you or set you free...

Please,don't forget that;
Hard things are required to patience.

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  1. Sometimes prejudices deprive us of the opportunity to meet great people, people who could become an important part of our lives.

  2. Niiice one, interresting too... (Nour)

  3. Oppss! Prejudices happen strictly in these days...

  4. Yazdıklarına katılıyorum! başarılar!


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