20 Nisan 2016 Çarşamba

The World In My Ears

      A very very hot day in summer, I was trembling on my feet. I should have found a seat, I talked to myself. I've got a bench near the seashore, I've upraised my head to the sky, and closed my eyes for a while, breathed deeply. For the first time, I could feel the oxygen, the fresh air filling my lungs. I felt refreshed. After repeating a few times, I heard seagulls up to the sea. I heard the birds up to my head on the tree, they were singing peacefully.  I could hear the washes of the sea. I could feel the warm wind coming from the south with some algae smell. The sun burned my skin, but I didn't mind. I enjoyed the moment.

      One more deep breath. My chest went up and down. A fatty child far away somewhere was crying. A blonde woman was arguing with his husband. A black nervous mother was looking for her child playing on the playground. Somebody was crying to death because of her lover. Someone fell in love at first sight without knowing how dangerous thing the love is. Someone stole something, but not somebody's heart this time. An elder dealer was trying to sell his old rugs. Somebody was waiting to be operated at the hospital in his black room. Somebody was being taken away while her relatives were crying. A baby girl was born. A child was holding balloons on his hands tightly just a while ago, now they met the blue bright sky under the sun. A plant came into flower through the sky as if they were trying to catch balloons. A baby was crying because of hunger. A baby was dying because of hunger. One got fed. One died. The washes of the sea was again in my ears. The birds singing, seagulls, the noisy traffic jam, and a soft voice woke me up by asking "Do you want candy apple?".

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