9 Kasım 2015 Pazartesi

An Autumn Day

  Rough winds are blowing,
  Leaves are rearing up.
  My arms are shaking,
  Faces are passing by,
  Faces that I don't know.
  Dark faces, white faces,
  Somebody's lighting a cigarette.
  I'm afraid,
  Dark is getting darker,
  I'm turning the corner.
  You're not there anymore.
  The seat that you used to sit,
  It's right there,
  But you are not here.
  Things got me.
  My mind is getting blurry,
  I'm losing you,
  The only thing remaining from you,
  Your face, it disapppears.
  I'm shutting my eyes,
  I don't want to see any face but yours,
  Your shiny smile,
  Your deep brown eyes,
  They're in my head again,
  The light in your eyes,
  They got me again.
  I'm going to be drunk by your yearning,
  I know,
  It's our sad ending...


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