27 Mart 2015 Cuma

In the middle of the ocean

It has nothing to do with me; I just dream and empathize.
What does it feel like to love someone who never loves and will never ever love you?

I dove into the ocean with a hard rock, as hard as my platonic's heart. I was thinking of nothing, only reaching the middle, but I went too far. I couldn't see the light of the blue sky; only dim, dark water. I held it in my hands and thought of him for a while. I shut my eyes and left it in the water and tried to go up as fast as I could.

I left him there and never looked back. I was determined. My all feelings were sinking while I was swimming to the top. A sudden cold ache seized my heart; like the rock, pulling itself to the deep. With only in a few seconds, many thoughts captured me. I understood, I needed to leave my heart here too, like the rock. I let it follow.

I started to swim fast, faster than in the beginning, because I knew that if I had waited I would have lost control and like the rock, my heart would also have sank.

I started to see a little piece of light,blue sky and something green. I got my head out of water and breathed for a while, having a severe headache. I was tired of swimming, but used my last power to throw myself at seashore. I reached for the huge tree, which I saw from under the water. My stomach was going up and down, I smiled as I looked at it. I was tired, dog tired. I looked at the sky and the sun until the bright lights blinded me. I shut my eyes, I did not think about him but about me. I was relieved, yes and I forgot. I forgot all the feelings I had and I slept, wanting to be dried by the sun when I woke up.

The End~

Thank you very much to my dear friend 
Charlie Frazier for his supports.

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  1. Hello,It was amazing i loved it.Maybe its time for me to start swimming and leave my heart in the ocean before it continues to sink me deeper . Thank you for sharing this with me :)



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