10 Nisan 2021 Cumartesi

It's Okay!

(please, start the video before reading!)

It's okay to feel hurt sometimes, you know when your heart breaks into pieces. It's okay to feel not to know what to do because we're only humans. We've different feelings so it's okay to experience each one of them. Happiness, sadness, anxiety, fear... Why is it okay to feel happy and not okay to feel sad? Dear fellow, I told you IT'S PERFECTLY OKAY!  Nobody knows what the future holds. Accept all the things that you've been through, you've made it so far and you'll be able to make it for tomorrow and so on. Relax your brain and let all the sorrow go away, let it leave you, let it leave your soul, from your toes to your head, feel the emptiness that starts to make you feel as if you were above the clouds. You're relaxed. You're relaxed. You're relaxed. Yes, you have started to feel it. Feel the lightness inside you, your heart, your body, your stomach, your brain, in every inch of your body. You're free. You're free from everything that tightens your muscles. They loosen up now. Loosen up, loosen up. Yeah, can you feel how amazing is this? Love yourself, hug yourself now and thank yourself for only being yourself. You're beautiful in the way you are. Just focus on feeling the vibration in your body with the sound of the waves and close your eyes now!

When you open your eyes, now tell me! 

How do you feel yourself? 😊

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  1. When I closed my eyes, I remembered that there are many reasons why I love life. Also, I noticed that I had a teacher who contributed a lot to me in my life apart from the academic course. I love this article!

    1. What a beautiful comment! One can find many reasons to love the life or hate it, I'm glad that you're on the love side. Also, I'm happy for you that you had a nice teacher! Thank you for the comment!



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