11 Haziran 2016 Cumartesi


Warning: This does not include anything literary. If you're still interested in, read below, please. Best wishes.

     It's kind of obvious that I want to write, write the things inside of me. I have been having these ideas for a while, they just need to burst out with an inspiration, but the problem is that the inspiration never comes. I'm sure that many writers had this once, I have it too and even though I'm not a professional writer. I'm just a writer of my own, so this is much more difficult for me than what it was for them. I feel like I have what I need; paper, pen, words, ideas, but only one is missing.The inspiration. Where are you? Should I call you out? Huh, if this is a meeting, I should inform you that you have been late, like real late, mate. Every single time I tell myself, okay this time, this time you gotta be writing it down. Start thinking deeply and focusing on it, and even sometimes I listen some sort of woeful songs by thinking that might help. It does not help, unfortunately. After that I sometimes change my attitude toward writing and say that "Why do I have to write always sorrowful things? Are you a masochist?" Then I arrange some works, change my mood, listen some good and energetic songs. This time I notice this is not my type, not appropriate for me. This is how it has been going, and still goes. I'll let the time show and I'll obey what it gives to me. Sincerely...

--This is just a friendly chat to feel relieved. If you have any advice comment below, please. THANKS!--

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