23 Eylül 2014 Salı

Media (!)

(Tv - Fishing Rod - Human being)
[ Don't laugh, I maybe bad at drawing :D
and let's be serious now... ]

Have you ever thought of the value of the media? Do you know what role they play in our lifes? If we had experienced the hard conditions of communicating in old times, we would have been much appreciated than we are now.

In ancient times, people had difficulty in knowing
the news even in their country, but now we're able to get the information about an incident in a sec after it happens. Tv shows, radio programmes, cell phones let us know the other's lifes. The relatives far away can easily send their picture, their voice record, call us or even make a video call; so the media make them closer to us.

Do we really know how lucky we are? Are we aware of that? I think we don't think of this, because -everyday- we just go infront of the laptop and start using it. As we're used to use it without thinking of its value.

-- The other side of the media --

"If we let technology drags us wherever it goes, we lose our own way" -Esra Kurtuldu

We should use the benefits of technological devices, but we shouldn't be slave of them. Many of us sit for hours in front of tv or computer without having any purpose, we just kill the time. We keep saying "there's nothing to do" and being busy with gossip shows. Have you ever evaluated yourself after watching something? What have I learned? If you ask this question and get nothing valuable as an answer, I would like to inform you that you're in a trouble.

We all wonder about famous people's lifes and want to come in their world by news. It might be okay if you just search for general informations about them, but if you keep moving inside and look for speacial things, I'm sorry to say that you're wrong.
I dare you to search for nature, science, religion, earth, horoscopes, stars and the others. I want all people to watch and read something worthy that will enable you to learn something really new and important.

Do not let the media wash your brain and fill it with nicknack stuff. Read more, search more, watch more. Do not trust an information unless you search it fully. I wish world be a peaceful place by the help of media.


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