5 Ağustos 2014 Salı

Remove Black Spots On Your Face!

 Many people want to renew their face and body to show their real pure beauty, for this purpose you can find many cosmetic care products but they might be expensive for you or you can want to use more natural products. You can make your own product on your own!!!

For example; for the black spots on your face,
you can make really useful product at home.

All you need are yoghurt and lemon. You put 2 desert spoons of yoghurt and 3 drops of lemon in a bowl and mix them well.

Before you apply this to your face, you should make your face clean (with a soap maybe), and let it stay just a little damp, now you are ready to apply yoghurt mask. Make sure that your mask is away from your eyes an around as the picture above. You should wait 15 or 20 minutes to make it work. On the period of waiting, you can feel a little burning on your face because of acid in lemon but don't worry it's okay, it means the mask works.
Keep waiting until the time ends and wash your face
by making circle.

Now, you can notice the difference!
(Because it made your face bright and smooth.)


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