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Emotional Thai Commercials

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Have you ever watched any of emotional Thai Commercials?
They generally make you think that 
they are part of a good movie until you see the end... 
Then what is the reason that
 Thai makes emotional commercials? 
It is maybe because of that Thai wants audiences to
 get the feeling in the deepest way and that might change them.
If you have never watched these commercials, 
you can probably not understand me 
why I take it so seriously.
When you start to watch one of them, 
it just drags you to another, 
they are really meaningful and the way that they reminds something to people is amazing.

Here is some videos that I think they are very touching;
1) Young addictives to cigarette:

2) The man finding the code of happiness:

3) To know the value of others we love:

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